Julieta Aranda on Anri Sala – KW Institute for Contemporary Art


Lecture by Julieta Aranda on Anri Sala in KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 21 June 2017, 7 pm.

Anri Sala employs moving images and their soundtracks to probe historical ruptures and failures of language. He explores non-verbal modes of expression through narratives or ideas that can be shared through music or pictures. This distance from a ‘logical’, direct, language-based understanding, opens the door to multiple perspectives, and interpretations. His work encompasses video installations, sculptures, photographs, performances, and movie scores.

Julieta Aranda is an artist whose multidimensional practice deals with a range of themes including circulation, mechanisms, and the idea of a “poetics of circulation”; the politicized subject or the possibility of politicized subjectivity; the perception and use of time; and one’s power over the imaginary. Projects take the form of printed media, installation, video, and community organizing.

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