Piko Iabadiou – Art Dubai 2018


Installation views coming soon!

The project space Orbital Dago, founded by Rifky Effendy and Michael Janssen in 2016, chose to show Piko Iabadiou as a resident artist on Art Dubai 2018.

His work portrays memories of daily life in an abstract, figurative, and poetic atmosphere. He creates his work using the medium of painting and photography. His work is abstract, figurative, and intuitive, inspired by people he meets each day, things that happen to himself, and places he has been. He capture memories, feelings and imagination as a visual diary – his work is an allegory and metaphor of what goes around his life.

As a self-taught painter who majored in Art Photography, Piko is heavily inspired by his surrounding environment – expressing and translating reality into paintings using a rich visual language. “My work is an expression and the memory of behavior and personal feeling of anxiety about the perception of material reality, fantasy and human transformation. It is inspired by doodles, lines, images, impressions of forms, shapes, colors and environments that I have seen.”

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