Peter Zimmermann – Mark Peet Visser Gallery, Netherlands


We are pleased to inform that Peter Zimmermann is having a solo exhibition, called "Colourfall" at Mark Peet Visser Gallery in Hertogenbosch. It runs from the 9th of April until the 14th of May.

"The original image from which I go is necessary because I do not want to think about something or make a setting out of my stomach, and because it opposes me during the painting process. So I need this original picture. This can be a photo I made myself or a file I found on the web. I believe the recognition of the painting is not decisive for the enjoyment of the painted image. The laid track must be enough. I find the processes of enlightenment, blurring and mystification, which are a decisive part of the work process, much more exciting. For the viewer, it can be a pleasure to reverse the process of misunderstanding and to decipher the traces of the machinery that melts the whole thing and make it visible again''. - Peter Zimmermann

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