Aiko Tezuka – Article on Artnet


We are very pleased with the mentioning of Aiko Tezuka in the article '5 Emerging Artists With Shows You Won’t Want To Miss This October' on Artnet.

"Aiko Tezuka creates and deconstructs textiles and garments that weave together Eastern and Western cultural sources, in ways that question the roles of geography and cultural context.

The artist, who left her native Japan for Europe in 2010, was trained as a painter, but upon arriving in her new home shifted to fabrics, designing or creating her own works that mix together a wealth of historical sources from Britain, Japan, France, and India.

In “Dear Oblivion” she places special focus on the attire of Empress Haruko, who is considered to be the first Japanese empress to wear Western clothes officially. The exhibition coincides with Tezuka’s exhibition of the same name at Tokyo arts center Spiral."

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