Sergej Vutuc



born in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, spent 10 years in Zagreb, Croatia
lives and works in Heilbronn


Something In Between. Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin
Public Domaine - Skateboard Culture. National Museum, La Gaité Lyrique, Paris
ŠKVER! Mali Losinj, Croatia
East of the Adriatic – Journal des Balkans. H3 Concept Gallery, Paris
Urban Photography in Europe from 1970’s. Pavillon Populaire, Montpellier, France
Something in Between. The Last Call, Lambretto Art Project, Milano, Italy
Something in Between. Tragfläche 7,28m², Heilbronn Something in Between. Bright Tradeshow, Berlin

Casus Magazine Jahresausstellung. Stadtbibliothek Heilbronn
Ruby Soho Shop, Kaufbeuren
Jesus Prize. Basementizid, Heilbronn
all about zines and books. Tvojanedelja Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenian
Unter-Führung. Heilbronner Kunstwochenende 2010 HAT CR3W. Harmonie / Kunsthalle Vogelmann-Vorplatz, Heilbronn
Skin Skate Tattoo. La Perla Tattoo Parlor, Bruxelles Will make skake fotos for eyes. Traffic Art Gallery, St Gilles, Bruxelles
Zine Exhibition and Apartment Video at Stasi Headquarters Haus18. BRIGHT TRADESHOW, Berlin
part of Basementizid Project. STROKE URBAN ART FAIR, Munich
groupe skate exhibition. WASTEDBOX, Köln
Basementizid project with Herr Schulze. Bright Tradeshow, Frankfurt
Casus Magazine Jahresausstellung. Heilbronn

2. Zürcher Zine Sezession.
Zürich, Swiss
Jesus Prize. Basementizid, Heilbronn
Motovun Filmfestival. Croatia
Atlantis Summer Challenge Split. Croatia
Bright Trade Show. Frankfurt
Galerie Nabrezi, PRAHA
Solo show, ORO Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden
Bright Trade Show. Frankfurt

Solo show, der Laden | Kunst- und Kulturraum. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Solo show, Superplan Gallery, Berlin
Bright Trade Show. Frankfurt
Mystic Sk8 Cup. Stvanice Island, Prague, Czech
The Glorius Tragedy of Youth. with Alberto Polo, RAS Gallery, Barcelona
Bright Trade Show. Frankfurt
1Size/1Prize. Superplan Berlin
Volkszählung. Basementizid.kunst.cellar, Heilbronn

Art of Asfalt Exhibition. Skateboard Museum Stuttgart
Bright Trade Show. Frankfurt
ART OF ASFALT project. SC, Zagreb, oOOze Festival, Korcula, Galerija, Pivka
LEAF EXPO Gruppe expo. with Normen Stoll, Annika Winkelmann, Francisco de Asis, HJ Seidla, Natallis
Lorenz Ziggare, Heilbronn
Spektral, Graz, Austria

Prostor Store / Gallery, Zagreb, Croatien
Be Part of. festival Stuttgart
off exhibition. Zagreb
Bright Trade Show. Frankfurt

Pannonian chalenger – skateboard contest and artshow. Osijek, Croatia
Letva. exhibition with “The Mobernist” by Cristian Roth, touring exhibition: Alkatraz, Ljubljana / Booksa, Zagreb / HKD, Banja Luka / Kutina, Osijek / Exit Festival, Novi Sad / Galerija SC, Beograd / Dirt Old Festival, Pozega / Free Shop, Graz / Orlando, Dubrovnik
Pulstreiber. Kultur Festival – Heilbronn
Salon easteurope Photography. Photonic Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenian
Und Was machst du so? Stadt Bucherrei, Heilbronn

skateboarding and art gallery. Heilbronn
Skate Series 1 – 3 Sehnsuchtslage schweben. Theater, Heilbronn
off exhibition. Stuttgart, Heilbronn, New York City

skateboarding exhibition. Kiliansberg, Stuttgart

More than Music. Rote Flora, Hamburg

untitled. Ziggare, Heilbronn

PUBLICATIONS and Artist books

Format Perspective. film / book that explores the work, lives and opinions of six European skate
photographers, august 2011
Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture. R. Klanten, A. Mollard, M. Hübner, Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin
Aires de jeux, champs de tension.
catalogue d’exposition, the biography and presentation of 14 photographers, Éditions Democratic Books, Paris
Something in Between. with a text by Jocko Weyland, Snoeck Verlag and Carhartt

East of the Adriatic: Journal des Balkans. mit / with Scott Bourne, Bertrand Trichet and Pierre-François Vilanoba, Literatur Heilbronn, Heilbronn
nešto, ništa, što. 24 page black and white zine on colorpaper, this zine came with sergej´s exhibition at ruby soho, edition: 1/50, price: 3 Euro
Black Cross Zine. black and white copyshop zine on color papier with stefan marx drawing. zine is based on sessions at blackcross bowl in basel. edition: 250, price: 3 Euro
Flying Drawing Zine. 16 page copyshop zine, full colore. like name say, fast drawing over fly to split, edition: 30, price: 5 Euro

Somebody must alway cray. copyshop Fanzine with t-shirt. 2 silkscreen prints and the cover filled by the artist, It comes out with exhibition in Schwäbisch Hall. photography, edition 48, price: 25 Euro
Bright Your Bowl. 20 page zine, a5 format, Comes with bright trade show exhibition. About the bowl built by the minus ramps artists schalli and matt. The fanzine shows photos as a document trough diverse sessions. It shows the drivers driven by the power of the wood and the room converted for the transition into paradise. edition 50, price: 3 Euro
unwritten stories. 12 page copy shop zine, A poetry story of concrete and life between walls, old expired films and double  explosions. first 25 copies made in Barcelona. second edition 50 copies were made in Heilbronn. edition 50, Price: 3 Euro
Stevilka Jedan. 12 page color copyshop zine, deep social, deep personal. First edition, 20 copies. Second edition 25. Price 3 Euro

copyshop split zine Filjio and Sergej Vutuc, this fanzine goes together with Filjio and Sergej Vutuc exhibtion at graz, color or recycling papier, self fix with sewing-machine, sold out
untitled – zweinullsechs. 40 pages copy shop zine, hard contrast, breaking tones of glossy photography, edition 100, Price: 3 Euro

no skateboarding permitted – booksculpture. unique, photos are screwed on a broken board, 60 b/w photos


Sergej Vutuc
East of the Adriatic – Journal des Balkans – Scott H.Bourne
Published by 19/80 Éditions, paris, france, 2011
Price: € 28

Sergej Vutuc

Something in Between
english, german
published by Snoeck, 2011
ISBN: 978-3940953629
Price: € 29,80

Sergej Vutuc

Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture
published by Die Gestalten Verlag, March 2011
ISBN: 978-3-89955-336-9
Price: €39,90 | $60,00 | £37,50